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BATT Lap 6
BATT Lap 6' by Gearloose

BATT Lap 6" by Gearloose

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Batt Lap by Gearloose
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BATT™ Lap by Gearloose 

The BATT™ is the standard for tin alloy laps. With more than 8,000 sold, it has established itself in Commerce and Competition time and again. A SOLID cast tin alloy lap, with two usable sides, it still sells for significantly less than many commercial rolled tin laminated laps. 
"BATT™ is a proprietary tin alloy which allows you to cut the flattest facets possible - quickly and easily."
PRIMARY USE:  Polishing with 50-200K diamond.
SECONDARY USE: Prepolishing, fast and perfectly.  3K diamond is usually used.
Last Few Years: People are using them to CUT.  Will not load up or foul when cutting quartzes.
Like many metal laps, the BATT™ is a permanent chargeable lap. They must be dedicated to a grit size. BATT™ success is its ability to retain diamond, so the user can never go to a finer sized grit once a lap is charged. A lap can be "promoted" to a coarser grit. A 60,000 polishing lap can be converted to a 3,000 prepolish or 1200 cutting lap for example, but you cannot go back to a finer size.

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