Hi-Tech Flatlap 8''

Hi-Tech Flatlap 8''



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Product Code: HTF8

Brand: Hi-Tech

The Hi-Tech 8" has a very small footprint of 10" square at the base (25x25cm) and stands 10½" (265mm) high at the lap (37cm high to the top of the water tank).

You can grind flats, re-work quartz crystals, or make millimeter and free-form cabochons.

The 4-step accessory kit makes it a complete package making it possible for you to grind, shape and polish gem material immediately. The 4-step process makes easy work of finishing quartz, agate, jasper, tourmaline, corundum, and opal, plus a wide variety of gem material both natural and synthetic.

The machine is quiet and is very compact so is ideal for travelling in a caravan or the like. Say good-bye to plastic aprons and cold, water-soaked hands. The specially designed water spray shield keeps water in the work area and not on you. The Hi-Tech Diamond finishing process uses a modest supply of water - in most cases, one litre of water will last all evening.

Clean up is easy. Just remove the water spray shield and tray, wash, and you are ready to work again.

Each machine includes:

  • Variable speed ball bearing DC Motor with 115/220 VAC converter
  • Coolant reservoir w/splash shield
  • #180 Mesh Metal Bond Diamond Disc
  • #325 Mesh Diamond Smoothing Disc
  • #600 Mesh Diamond Smoothing Disc
  • #1200 Mesh Diamond Smoothing Disc
  • Felt Polish Pad w/14,000 Mesh Diamond Compound Disc
  • Backing plates (4)
  • Complete instructions