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Hi-Tec Flatlap 8
Hi-Tec Flatlap 8'

Hi-Tec Flatlap 8"

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Hi-Tec Flatlap 8"
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Very compact - footprint is 10" square at the base (25x25cm) and stands 10½" (265mm) high at the lap (37cm high to the top of the water tank)

Each machine includes: 
  • Variable speed ball bearing DC Motor with 115/220 VAC converter
  • Coolant reservoir w/splash shield 
  • #180 Mesh Metal Bond Diamond Disc 
  • #325 Mesh Diamond Smoothing Disc 
  • #600 Mesh Diamond Smoothing Disc 
  • #1200 Mesh Diamond Smoothing Disc
  •  Tech-10 Polish Pad w/14,000 Mesh Diamond Compound Disc 
  • Backing plates (4) 
  • Complete instructions

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