Ultrasonic Drill with Pump and Tips

Ultrasonic Drill with Pump and Tips



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Brand: Highland Park

Highland Park Ultrsonic Drill with Pump and Tips

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What is an ultrasonic drill?

By concentrating ultrasonic energy through a machines, tapered solid metal horn to a stainless steel tube (drill) which vibrates, in an abrasive medium, the ultrasonic drill penetrates hard materials with extraordinary ease and rapidity. For example by using as 1mm tube, it will drill through a piece of agate 5mm thick in approximately one minute. All types of gemstone material may be drilled with the Model USD as well as glass and ceramic materials. The USD minimizes the concern one experiences drilling fragile and precious material. The machine consists of two components, the amplifier which generates the power for drilling and a transducer head which converts electrical into mechanical energy. The workpiece is hand held without harm to the operator



-AMPLIFIER - Heavy duty with power rating of 80-450 watts. Power is adjusted using the large black knob on the right side of the amplifier. Frequency is adjustable from 15 kHz to 20 KHz with the smaller knob on the left side of the amplifier. Power to the amplifier is controlled with the main switch on the front of the Amplifier.

-TRANSDUCER HEAD - Mounted in a heavy duty steel housing to allow for good power delivery to the drill and workpiece. The transducer head has a secondary power switch allowing the head to be turned on and off

-TRANSDUCER CONES - Removed and replaced on the transducer head using the supplied special wrench. Additional cones are available for purchase so you can have multiple holes sizes in your toolkit without having to re-silver solder each time you change a drill size

-DRILL SIZES - 0.8, 1.0, 1.2mm included. Accommodates drill sizes up to 3 mm. As the size increases the power required to make the hole also increases, so a 1 mm hole is much faster than a 3 mm hole. Special bit sizes are available upon request

-CATCH TRAY - Unique slant bottom tray with wide surface to capture the grit and water that flow over the drill cone and effectively return grit to the pump. Made of heavy gauge powder coated steel and integrated with the transducer head main mast

-GRIT WATER PUMP - Heavy duty impellor type pump provided for effective grit and water circulation

-DIMENSIONS - Welded heavy gauge steel. 450mm wide x 325mm deep x 590mm tall. Overall height - 650mm